April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services has designated April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. “National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to promote the social and emotional well-being of children and families. During the month of April and throughout the year, communities are encouraged to share child abuse and neglect prevention awareness strategies and activities and promote prevention across the country.” Read about the national efforts and find resources at https://www.childwelfare.gov/topics/preventing/preventionmonth/, or you can find Colorado materials and a toolkit at www.preventchildabusecolorado.org. Check out events at events.co4kids.org. On Tuesday, April 7th, you can join Governor Hickenlooper at the Capitol at 11:30am to launch the public awareness campaign for the new statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.

Preventing child abuse is a crucial step in reducing the impact of trauma among children in our communities. The best way to prevent child abuse is to make sure every family, including yours, has the support, knowledge, and skills they need. Every family has needs that help them provide the best environment for their children, and every parent needs a strong network of friends, family, and professionals who provide support for being a great parent. Having a strong support system helps us get breaks, cope with difficult times, and prevents us from being isolated. During the month of April, expand your social connections and develop positive relationships that support you and your family. Reach out to others and support them to be great parents!

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