Core Values

There are four core values that drive COACT Colorado, through high-fidelity wraparound.
Learn more about each below, and then learn about related positive results for families and providers.

COACT Colorado is…

1 Family-Driven

Strong minds and strong futures begin with stronger families. COACT Colorado wraparound facilitators and family advocates support and engage families, empowering the family’s voice and ability to make decisions.

2 Youth-Guided

Strong minds make positive decisions. COACT Colorado puts children and youth in a position to be heard and guide the process of creating strong futures for themselves. The strengths and goals of the child and youth determine the types and mix of services and supports provided.

3 Community-Based

Strong futures require continued support. The wraparound process in COACT Colorado helps families identify the people already in their communities and lives who can help. By doing so, wraparound helps families and their children remain in their community.

4 Culturally and Linguistically Competent

Facilitators and family advocates in COACT Colorado understand the complex needs and challenges of each family. COACT Colorado strives to provide services that reflect the cultural, racial, ethnic, and linguistic differences in the population.

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COACT Colorado is a cooperative initiative between the Colorado Department of Human Services and other state, local, and federal partners