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New Colorado Peer and Family Specialist Credential

Click to view the webinar on the new Colorado Peer and Family Specialist Credential! This webinar provides information about the application process, including the "grandfathering" process for family advocates who are already trained and working in the field.

Join us for the COACT 2.0 Kickoff February 22nd!

Join us for an all-day event on February 22nd, 2017, to kick off our new grant!

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Everyone is invited to join us to launch the second phase of the COACT Colorado initiative to integrate care for children and youth with complex behavioral health challenges and their families and help them live successfully in their own communities. This event will serve as the mandatory grantee orientation meeting for Communities of Excellence. State agency and community partners will get the chance to engage in discussion with our Communities of Excellence around our initiative goals, progress, and challenges.

Join us at the Stigma Jam!

Everyone is invited to the Stigma Jam event at the culmination of the Youth Summit on Mental Health. The Stigma Jam will take place on June 2nd from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Green Spaces in Denver. Youth from around the state will be presenting on what they have learned from each other at the summit and their creative expressions on reducing mental health stigma. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to hear from youth! We will also hear from leaders in the behavioral health field and our allies, including Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp. Free street parking is available and refreshments will be provided.

May is Mental Health Month and Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day!

Every year, May is designated as Mental Health Month, and May 7th is focused on Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. This year is the 10th Anniversary of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, and the theme is integrating behavioral health with primary health care, education, and child welfare to better serve children and adolescents. Check the COACT Colorado calendar for details on the events described below.

Alcohol Awareness and Re-thinking Drinking

In honor of Alcohol Awareness month, we have added some links on the COACT Colorado website related to substance abuse prevention and treatment. Parents and trusted adults play an important role in influencing a teenager’s decision whether or not to engage in under-age drinking, and a family’s support system can help prevent problems related to substance use for every family member. See the video above “A ReThink of the Way We Drink” to learn more about how alcohol use influences health and social/emotional wellness, and see the links below for more information.

Understanding Child Victimization and Trauma

Far too often, children and youth are victims of violence through exposure in their homes, schools, and communities. The prevalence of child victimization points to the importance of trauma screening among children and youth.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

During the month of April and throughout the year, communities are encouraged to share child abuse and neglect prevention awareness strategies and activities and promote prevention across the country.

COACT Colorado releases report documenting service utilization across child-serving systems

COACT Colorado is pleased to release a report that represents the first attempt to comprehensively document service utilization across child serving systems.

NEW Colorado Crisis & Support Line. Call 844-493-TALK

The NEW Colorado Crisis & Support Line is now live!  

Bully Awareness Month

October is Bully Awareness Month.   This month is the time when communities can unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education.  Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying.

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